Saturday, February 2, 2008

Twilite Stroll-30x24- oil on canvas

Not for sale

commission piece

The last of four completed. on this one i wanted to stress the drama of yellowy-orange warm light emitting from the buildings surrounded by magenta-violet dusk. the sky throws cool purple light onto everything, and the glow from the building and some yellowish light coming from the viewers right shoulder changes the temperture from warm to cool- right to left.

can you tell i'm obsessing about this temperature thing!

used a huge palette knife to lay in the foliage over the purple-violet acrylic underpainting and was happy with the way it leaves it haphazard. the brush always leaves it too uniform.

hope y'all like these studio paintings. i'm trying to work with the owner of a vineyard on a painting for his labels. so maybe i'll be in a beautiful vineyard painting soon, instead of a studio. i dont know how people paint in them day in and day out. give me the wind, heat, cold, onlookers, and bugs anytime!

News-- i will be doing two demonstrations for Jerrys Artarama and Lukas paint. One is march 15 and the other is may 4th. they are from 1-4 pm. come check out the processes i use and maybe i can talk them into giving you free Lukas 1862 paint. the best on the market in my opinion. its buttery and very pigmented, goes a long way and the colors are brilliant on the canvas. see you there!

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