Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Painting Clairvoyant(Medium)-10x8-oil on c.b.

Contact Vision Gallery if you like this one

Had to have that title for the painting!
was looking for something to set up for a still life and looked down and saw this. stuck the brush in it to lead the eye up to the jar and let the glob of white paint lead to the smears which lead to the brush, that leads to the jar.
i use a thick piece of glass for my palette and thats why theres shadows to the left and under the paint piles and smears. you gotta see this one in person to appreciate the subtle colors and gradations.
sometimes, once in a while i like one a lot. this is one of them.hope it made you want to go paint!


paintingsbyb.price said...

Painting looks great! painting right now, on break to keep my eyes right. late night painting. the phone never rings and everyones asleep.I'm mixing on glass also and love it. makes clean up easy with rasorblade.Let me know next time your in town and or doing a workshop.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks man
loved the one of your little brother. you are killing it compared to when i first met you. that never sounds right when you try to use it as a compliment does it? but you know i mean it in the nicest sense! i love your new stuff.
the clairvoyant one has been very popular so i'm sure more are to follow. now i'm running out of time to paint instead of running out of subject matter!