Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So Shy- 10x8- oil on c.b.

At Pea Island Gallery
i picked that title because it looks like the one radish is over in the corner and the other two are talking about her. they seem so friendly all cozied up next to each other.

Didnt pull an all niter, but did stay up late as expected.
when i dont paint during the day i feel like i didnt accomplish anything even tho i did work on the business end of things all day. most people think us painters just breeze around all day and when we feel inspired we paint.
NOT! paintings a job just like everything else. and the marketing takes up more hours per week than painting ever will. which is cool because i wouldnt want to paint all day every day or just do biz stuff all day every day.
i try my hardest to paint everyday if its only a small piece. thats when i'm the happiest.

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