Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Studio painting today

Available at Tidewater Gallery

Date with a Match- 16x20-oil on canvas

Here's the studio version i did today from the plein air study below. i tried very hard to keep it super loose like the study. i think i was successful in that? especially liked the way the tin looks rolled up on the porch that fell down on the front of the old house. like the warmth contrasted with the backlit purple-ish shadows.
would have loved to see this house in its heyday. i bet it was very grand in the early part of last century. i can see some ladies in big billowy dresses sitting on the porch in the evening sipping sweet tea or lemonade watching horse and buggies coming down a dirt road across the nearby tobacco and cotton fields.
one question tho?
how on earth did they ever get by without laptops?

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