Tuesday, November 24, 2009

12x16 Overcast Light Study-$90

$8 s/h
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wanted to play around big with the knife today. seeing how the sun hasnt shone around here for more than a few hours in weeks, here's what i got.

in the cape school technique its very important to describe form by color changes. everytime an objects surface points in a different direction, the color should change, if only a bit. you have to learn to see that slight difference in value/color when its barely even noticeable. great training.

P-Town Glimpse- 20x16
$500 unframed if you buy before i ship it 12/1
email me for availability
Headed to Outer Cape Auctions in Provincetown for Jan. auction where it should bring at least $900 framed.


Jeff Mahorney said...

Amen to that brother. Nice knife job! Looks like it could be Sarbak painting. :)

mike rooney studios said...

jeff- thanks for the compliment! i love Susan Sarback still lifes and really hate her landscapes. her still life work is phenomenal. on the other hand i really love the landscapes (especially when there's some buildings in em) by this cat mahorney. he rocks!

francesca said...

re the 'cape study bowl'....sooooo nice!!!!!!!!

mike rooney studios said...

francesca- thanks! i knew you'd like that "cape" technique! us cape school folks are a sucker for the way the painting shows form turns with color changes, not necessarily with value.