Monday, November 9, 2009

Old Time House of Worship-8x8

anyone familiar with eastern nc knows that there's one of these on every corner around here. this particular church has loads of character doesnt it? and with the lovely fall light on it i couldnt resist putting it in paint. i drew some funny looks while doing it. i'm sure they've never seen anyone painting on the street before.


Rick Nilson said...

Mike, I agree, this is an odd combination of a Cape Dutch Gable end and a witch's hat roof. Odd combo for a church, or maybe it was just an architect with a sense of humor. I like it.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks rick. it was a cool building and i'm a sucker for an orange wall in the sun. just have to paint it!
whats a cape dutch gable end?

Jo Ann Elig said...

Hey Mike, Saw your comment on Kathy Webers blog. I read hers all the time. I really like your paintings. Beautiful color. Rich.

mike rooney studios said...

jo ann
thanks for stopping by and for the nice words. i love kathy's stuff too, and go to her blog all the time as well. even got the chance to sling some paint with her when i passed thru Rhode Island a few months ago.
stop by again!

Rick Nilson said...


the gable end with the windows is a dutch style with the curves and reverse curves. The Dutch built a lot of these around the Cape of Africa. They would often whitewash a mud wall in this shape. The roofs are thatch 3 feet thick. The front door of the house would be centered on the wall. Simple and elegant. It is an eclectic arrangement of elements for a chuch.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks.architectural stuff like that is really interesting. appreciate the explanation.