Friday, November 20, 2009

Strawberry Stripes-7x7

i'm on a painting binge!! went to the Salvation Army and picked up this shallow bowl. the colors around the rim made me want to paint it.
i always get stoked to paint when i get a new "find" at a thrift store. next stop.... grocery store for fruit. the striped fabric is from my dollar store find last night.
kept out the embroidery on this one. wanted to keep it more "geometric" and the extra detail would destroy that effect. After painting this i realized that alot of the colors on the rim match the table cloth colors.
i want to play with it some more to see what the possibilities are. who would have thought i'd want to "get to know" an inanimate piece of cloth. alot of studio time alone will do that to a person LOL


Rick Nilson said...


This is wonderful. I love the subject. I am so honored to have my stuff on the same screen as your paintings.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks rick
youre wayyyy too kind! you do fantastic work as well. keep slingin' that paint!