Thursday, November 26, 2009

Walking in PTown-10x8

Yes! i know its thanksgiving! just another fine day to paint, or blog with the exception that there's a great dinner at the end of the day!
i do want to thank all my fine blogwatchers, collectors, gallery owners, fellow artists i've met here, and workshop students for a great year. i am truly thankful for you ALL! Happy Thanksgiving!

this will be in a January auction at Outer Cape Auctions in Provincetown (cape cod)

i saw a guy online who used a chop stick holder to keep his brushes from rolling off his palette when he was painting. he said he wished it was bigger. i love to make things useful from scraps of everyday things so here's my "newer, improved brush caddy"

took a piece of painting panel masonite and scored it several times so it would bend into a round shape and put tape on it to help it hold its shape.

its off center i know! i then glued a piece of cardboard to keep er from rockin' around. works like a charm! you can just throw used brushes down in it and they dont roll around getting into the paint or bumping into each other swapping colors. thanks to the guy (cant remember who it was) i got the idea for this from.

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