Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Autumn Gold-6x8-SOLD

Wanted to see if i could capture the glow on the marsh in the last few minutes of light. you have to really put the paint down fast for these fall sunsets. the sun is going down really really fast. mix and lay it down, no time for second guessing yourself or God forbid you should have to readjust a color, or value. no time!

the Artist in Residency week is drawing to a close. the weather was especially fickle. half the days were partly cloudy. the type where its sunny for 30 min. and goes cloudy for the other 30. not very conducive to plein air painting but we made the best of it. when the sun came out yesterday it was like the world went to wild, saturated color after being black and white for a week. you plein air painters know exactly what i'm talking about!

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