Thursday, November 19, 2009

Red and Green Farm-6x8

Here's a shot of the ongoing commission with some, not all, of the realistic colors being layed in. i left the orange on for you to see what the color will be underneath the light sunny side of the trees. gives that green a nice glow you cant see in this picture. up close its nice and warm and looks like the sunny side of a tree.
Below is the finished 30x40. it's all knifed and super super thick paint with Lukas Butter added to make it super textured.
i'm usually not happy when i do a painting bigger but this one i'm tickled with! what do you think?

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mike rooney studios said...

thanks kathleen. unusual for me here lately using the knife and Lukas Painting Butter (a heavy impasto medium for luscious, thick knife work)
its fun once in a while and takes me back to all that cape cod knifework i saw on my trip up there a few months ago.