Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Outsider-6x6-SOLD

Playing with really zooming in, cropping tight, on this one. pushed the color a little, while keeping the values right. trying to keep the shadow side of the slice in the shadows (but illuminated from within) as the light comes thru, thats the challenge. Composition-wise the slice on the bottom left points diagonally up to the group in the right corner, making a dynamic compositon (versus being static). the one on the bottom left counter-balances the section of the grouping, since it has prominance. really like the way this one came out.
I named it "The Outsider" because the one slice looks like he wants to get over with the group, but because theyre all huddled up, they dont really like that idea!


Becky Joy said...

The colors and brushwork on this one are really nice.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks! i go to your blog just about everyday these days. love your stuff!
can you tell carole marine is my favorite painter of fruit. been looking at her stuff everyday for several years. cant help but rub off! thanks again