Sunday, November 1, 2009

Graveyard of the Atlantic-4x6-SOLD

Got the title of this one from the fact that while climbing all over the dunes to get this vantage point, i found what looked like a human thigh bone. it was halloween and it was freaky! so i wanted to call this one Pirates Graveyard, but the area really is known as Graveyard of the Atlantic because of its shallow sandbars that claimed many a ship, when they ran aground on them in storms. the ship would be half on the sandbar and half in deep water with the huge waves ripping the ship to pieces board by board until it eventually sunk. even today with GPS and great maps people are still very very cautious in these waters.

this area was also home to Stede Bonnett and Blackbeard, two of history's most notorious pirates. they'd have made great modern day IRS agents, eh matey? LOL

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