Wednesday, November 18, 2009


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done yesterday at a horse farm across from my mechanics garage. "old Bessie" wasnt feeling well and i had to get her fixed and i had a few hours to kill. grabbed my painting gear and started walking around looking for something to work the bugs out of my head with. found this huge tree over a horse barn. just what the doctor ordered.
the discussion of "the wall" that ive hit continues........
here's a snippet of an email i got from a friend and collector and is food for thought
Mike, So sorry to hear about your “down” period. Personally, I’m convinced your body is telling you it needs a vacation. Your work ethic is amazing, and I marvel at the schedule you keep. It’s probably time to take a breather whether you want to or not. This may not be what you were hoping to hear, but it might be just what the doctor needs to order. Me and a lot of other folks would be VERY unhappy if you couldn’t paint anymore! Please take good care of yourself. Your friend and patron, KB
my reply---
thanks K. that's sweet of you to say! youre probably right. i tend to keep a grueling schedule and sometimes it takes its toll on me. another artist just wrote me and said that the jitters were coming from knowing everybody was watching and i now have a "brand". i think its probably both. kinda glad that the schedule eases off during the holidays where i can just paint and not have travel, teaching or promotions. just paint at my pace, experiment and enjoy the process again.

i'd like to post this reply on the blog so other artists can see the struggle. could be informative and get a good discussion of "the wall" going on the blog. thanks
any of you guys that have experienced this phenomenon, i'd love to get you into the discussion.


Christopher Greco said...

Bold, decisive brushwork makes this simple, quiet scene exciting and fresh, love it!

mike rooney studios said...

chris- thanks! i was really trying to shake the "blahs" after all that adrenaline i was on from hyper marketing and teaching at the Art of the Carolina's 09 convention and this is what i ended up with. decisive is quite the compliment when i feel so tentative after returning. thanks man!

Beth Roy said...

Definitely take a break until you can't stand it any more. You may have to force yourself to stay away, but coming back to it is so sweeeet. It helps bring the joy back into painting. Good luck, Beth

mike rooney studios said...

beth, thanks for that bit of advice. i took a day or two off (alot for me) and then got right back at it in full swing.
sounds like you must have had it happen to you at some time too. thanks again