Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ocracoke House on Silver Lake-6x8-SOLD

Painted one afternoon when i was on ocracoke island a few weeks ago. funny how i can look at this painting and the whole experience comes back to me... in detail. the heat and humidity, the bugs were vicious that day! i saw a misquito getting bit by another misquito, thats how bad they were! LOL

this is the very beginning stage of a 30x40 i'm working on. it'll be a knifed piece using a prior one i did smaller as the reference. this baby will be going to a nice home in Philly when its finished.

i'll lay more realistic colors over this bright underpainting a la cape school technique. By the way i have room in my friday and saturday classes at the Jerry's Artarama Art of the Carolina's Expo if you want to call them and sign up. Tomorrow's class on Cape Cod Underpainting is filled.


Douglas Hoover said...

Dang, Mike you're makin me miss the island! I was scheduled to drive down tomorrow (thurs) to do some painting swap-outs. And what happens, a rouge tropical storm comes by. Oh well, thats life on the coast. Hope you're all well & dry out there.

Great"House on Silver Lake" painting, Mike. Well if I can't be there in person, I'll just look at your painting. Next best thing, right?

mike rooney studios said...

thanks man! that storm messed up a bunch of people's plans didnt it?
who would have thought a tropical storm/(cat 1 hurricane wasnt it?) would hit this late in the hurricane season. thats what makes living on the coast such an adventure eh?
thanks again and hope you get to the island soon!