Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Retro Blue-4x6-$35

$5 s/h
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a cool retro blue couch thats backlit. i'll paint anything wont i?


Steve said...

Mike, must be monsooning there as it is here in coastal Md., LOL. The couch is a nice piece to study, though-if forced me to try to count the various shades and tones that it took to make it so vibrant and realistic. If every other artist in the world quit & it was left up to me to teach, this is how I think I'd start 'em out-give them something very basic to do that would force their attention to the task at hand.

Roxanne Steed said...

used to have a wonderful couch like that....it was my favorite....it was like the 'family history couch' & was in every family photo for AGES!!!! (sorta miss that thing!)

mike rooney studios said...

steve- its sorta like hensche with his colored blocks (cape cod school technique for learning color) blocks are simple and you cant add detail to them, so you just see the colors and shapes, which basically is what painting is after all

roxanne -ours was like this but weird green. what were our parents thinking when they bought these things altho now one in good condition fetches a sweet price

Steve said...

Mike, thanks.
Speaking of "schools," we'll soon be in Fla staying very near the home of the "Indian River School"/A.E.Backus/Florida Highwaymen neck of the woods, that being Ft. Pierce. Lots of art & art history in the area-I can't wait to get there. Looking forward to seeing your Philly commission piece, too.