Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wilmington Waterfront Summer-12x16-SOLD

Did a demo at my wilmington gallery, Fountainside this afternoon. its always a lot of fun painting and talking in front of a group. some people hate it but i think its a blast. describing the process while i'm doing it comes very naturally. Guess thats why the instructional DVD's i did for World of Art/Jerrys Artarama are selling pretty well. its just paint and a sheet stretched on some wood. why get so nervous and worked up? if it doesnt come out there's this stuff called gesso!
if you'd like a DVD or two drop me an email and i'll ship it right out to you. over an hour and a half of teaching for $24.95 each.


Steve said...

Mike, saw something pretty neat yesterday. I went to a Farmers Market in Ft.Pierce, Florida, and a couple of vendors/artists were working in their booths. One guy showed me a thing he made-it was a chair swivel kinda thing that was attached to a piece of thin plywood and to his easel. He tacked his canvas panel to the plywood. When he needed to get it on different angles or to flip it upside down to do reflections, etc., he just spun it around on the swivel.
The house where I'm staying-owned by a corporation-is full of original A.E.Backus and James Hutchinson and Florida Highwaymen originals. You can spend all day just wandering from one piece to the other...really cool.
The Waterfront is really nice-I really like the way you laid it out.
Take care.

Steve said...
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mike rooney studios said...

sounds like a neat invention!
thanks for the compliment on Wilmington Waterfront. that was a big one for plein air, but since it sold, it must have looked ok. good to hear it from you, thanks man!