Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sittin' Pretty-6x8-$75

$8 s/h
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Next time i'm feeling rusty painting from a few days off, i'll do some of these little still life's. i think the problem this past monday was i hadnt painted most of last week because of the Jerrys Artarama workshops, and then i run out and try to paint a complicated scene on an 8x10.

wipe that off the panel a few times and youre having a bad day. painting is very mental game. sure there's the technique/skill component but losing your "mojo" can kill you.

next time when i'm feeling blue and insecure i'll run down to the salvation army thrift store and buy something fun to paint. thanks to everybody that emailed me and/or commented about my "wall" experience. thanks for the support. gotta love this internet age! maybe van gogh would have kept his ear if he had had a blog *)


Judith said...

Lovely painting .

mike rooney studios said...

judith- thanks so much! i was playing with some lighting effects so i stuck it in a cardboard box to make some dark shadows. glad you liked it!thanks again

Don Gray said...

Gotta love that apple, Mike!

mike rooney studios said...

don- thanks! seems like the simpler you describe the form the better and less cluttered it looks. spontaneous and the color's cleaner for sure. why cant i do it on everything/all the time. why we get up and want to paint everyday, right?