Sunday, December 20, 2009

Early Winter Light-4x5

what a great day. after the "blizzard of '09" of which the NC coast escaped completely (except for a little cold rain and wind) it was nice and sunny today. i HAD to get out and paint in "ole bessie"(my mobile toyota studio), or go stir crazy.

i did the Plein Air Crawl (slowly driving around looking for new things to paint) and found a neat little waterfront cafe and marina thirty minutes from home. did a nice little boat painting. it looks like a great place to hang out when it gets above 50 again! then i crossed the bridge into an old neighborhood in jacksonville and saw this house lit up in the last yellowy-orange light of the day.

really liked how this one came out with the rich, luminescent side of the house against the grays of the feathery dead trees and cold blue winter sky.

could see this as a bigger painting (but with more of the landscape showing). who knows? lots of days ahead, staying in the studio, trying to stay warm and dry.

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