Friday, December 4, 2009

Ferry Travelers-6x6-SOLD

A ferry scene from my travels over to Ocracoke Island this summer. i love the light on the people out there in the water. the folks always look so interested in whats off in the distance too.
People are getting easier and easier to paint when i just think of them like any other 3-d object. the biggest problem in the past was the drawing phase and i never really "saw" the gesture. i can see now why figurative painters do what they do. its a blast to catch that gesture.


Douglas Hoover said...

Oh Mike, you nailed the scene, buddy! I didn't have to read anything and new exactly where you were. I could tell you were having fun with this one.

mike rooney studios said...

doug- i'm enjoying doing figures finally after trying them for years and not enjoying them much. we both love that ferry ride over to ocracoke dont we? something about being totally surrounded by water, on the way to "heaven on earth"