Friday, December 18, 2009


i'm on a kick painting these big game fish scenes lately. i'm enjoying being loose and painterly on the scene. this is like the bride series i did a while back. dont know or care about their marketing potential. i'm having fun pushing the paint, finding and losing the edges, playing with the shapes and generally goofing off while i wait impatiently for my move to the florida keys in a few weeks. right now a huge winter storm is going past. temps in the thirties and a foot of snow a few hours to the west. i hate winter. i'm a sun and flip flop kinda guy, for sure! maybe thats why i'm painting these sunny fishing scenes. trying to transport myself somehow.

i'm still working on a 6x12 of the two plein air ladies together in the scene, so i couldnt post it today. maybe tomorrow.

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