Monday, December 28, 2009

One Off King St. Charleston-6x6-SOLD

Painting all over Charleston today.

Up side.... it was very sunny after lunch and the light was clear. Down side... got back to my truck to take a break and get some more panels, and found a parking ticket on the windshield. dont know how they knew i was there over the two hour limit, there were no chalk marks on the tires. i checked when i knew i was going to park there all day. once i saw the ticket i figured since i got it, i might as well stay there and paint all day, and get my moneys worth :D

My usual method for "crawling" a downtown area is park off the main drag in a residential neighborhood because (in the past anyway) they usually are a little more lenient there, compared to the downtown district. i load up as many panels, paint and thinner as i can carry (so i dont have to come back to the truck) and i head off across the city. i walk and paint till about halfway in the day, and then i turn around and head back one or two streets over. when the days over i'm very close to the truck to leave. unfortunately for me these paintings will net me $25 less profit because of the ticket but hey i'm doing my part to keep the city of Charleston in the black.

One Off King (above) really attracted me with that white sliver of building against the dark trees. hey... having the cool reddish roof (greens compliment) was a bonus. this was the final one of the day and the late day sun kept me warm till it fell behind the buildings. it was probably 40 degrees with the wind whipping down the alley. finished it before my hands froze too bad. it is winter after all! One month till i move to the keys for a few months. cant wait to be back in shorts and flip flops!

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