Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winter House-5x7-SOLD


got outside the truck on this one. wow... it was almost 50 degrees the afternoon i did this. but that was probably in the sun. to keep from setting up the easel umbrella i stood in the shade of an outbuilding so it was cold.

funny how all the warm greens, yellows and oranges you'd probably see in late afternoon if this was a few month ago, are gone.

i'll have to wait for my extended Key West painting trip i've got planned for the end of january. hoping to rent a room down there for a few months so i can keep plein air painting thru the winter. maybe then my feet will thaw out!

Dont forget the Blog Holiday 1/2 price Sale is going on!

(all 6x8's and smaller, on a post dated before oct. 1, 2009)


Rick Nilson said...

make sure you leave me your address, and a sandwich in the frige , and some of that nice conch chowder and some keylime pie on the porch would be nice.

mike rooney studios said...

rick-what fridge, what porch? i'll probably be camped out under a palm tree LOL
but in the winter time... a bad day in the keys is better than a good day in NC.