Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Near Marina Cafe-6x6-SOLD

Forgot i had this one from before i left for charleston. a late winter evening on the water.

i'm beginning to realize that as winter came, i'm using a VERY toned down version of the cape school technique. i quess because winter has a much quieter color palette, i'm using a more traditional style of underpainting. lately i use just a little yellow but mostly magenta and alizarin crimson and graying things down on the top coat way more than during spring, summer and early fall.

i think i'm doing that to more closely match what i'm seeing out there in the landscape or something. but like i said, i have just realized i've been doing it so i have to decide whether i like it or not.

painting is a fickle undertaking. just when you think youre getting a handle on something, youre painting different and didnt even realize it. hopefully, capturing the light (as it really is) keeps me honest, and who cares how its done, technique-wise, right?

does anybody see any big difference in the way the paintings look, or is it just my imagination?


Justin Holdren said...

Still looks like a "Rooney" to me, but I actually love this as far as the color. I thinks the late afternoon light really reads well. It looks so "real" will still maintaining an impressionistic style. Does that make sense? Great painting Mike!

mike rooney studios said...

justin- so i guess youre saying it doesnt look noticeably different which is good, i guess. dont know that it would matter if it did unless people said it didnt look like my stuff any more. that would pose problems in galleries and with collectors. dont want those problems thats for sure.
and to me that makes sense that its impressionistic AND realistic.
IMHO, just because something is done in an impressionistic style doesnt mean it doesnt look real or realistic. but thats just me. thanks justin for the comment.

Steve said...

Mike, looks just like a "Rooney" effort, which always includes allowances for light, etc., correct? I'm thinking if a piece doesn't look impressionistic and realistic, then it would daggone near be called abstract, or worse.
Watched you cityscape dvd last night, and learned a lot. It was valuable to be able to see how you do some of the things I've seen in your work-it all makes better sense now having seen it from both sides.
Happy New Year.
Steve said...

Agree Mike-the magenta underpainting is much less apparent-which only makes sense. I live in the snow belt (by Chicago) and am going to try a cerulean underpainting for my next winter landscape-actually planning to start on it today. Still has the feel and the look of a 'Rooney' to me-agree with Justin and Steve.

mike rooney studios said...

steve- good to know it looks like mine. the dvd was fun to shoot. didnt like the final painting but i couldnt concentrate on the painting and production things at the same time. they'd say " your hands in the way, your not talking loud enough, will that guy over there with the leaf blower turn that thing off!"
all that going on AND being outside, makes doing a good painting hard to do. glad you liked the DVD

Wgermino- thanks. the magenta is definately taking a backseat as i find myself painting alot of it out, during winter months. i guess it'll all come back when i get to the keys in a few weeks. cant wait for that magenta to show up and being on key west time!