Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Farm Glow-8x8-SOLD


A sundown scene from a rural farm. loved how the light glowed thru the windshield of the truck.

Spent most of the day building shipping boxes and shipping paintings to Provincetown for an auction i'll be in at Outer Cape Auctions. also shipped out a commission and then checked emails, updated inventory records etc. i did paint a commission piece today, but since it's a present for Christmas, i dont want to ruin the surprise and post it here.

Most non-artists think all we do all day, every day is paint. Not so! there are so many other things to do like ordering frames, framing the pieces, keeping up with inventory, emails, phone calls to galleries and commission clients, taking digital photos of all the paintings, delivering the paintings, and depositing all the money into the bank! just kidding. just trying to see if you're still paying attention LOL

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