Thursday, December 17, 2009

Plein Air Painter-SOLD


another plein air painter doing her thing.
i saw an online Youtube video of this guy painting one of those little mannequin looking things that you can buy at the art store. the joints are flexible and you can put them in any pose and draw them, you know the ones i'm talking about?
well he took one and painted from it. watching that was very instructional because he just painted in the limbs very straight and didnt try to make them look cylindrical too quick. ive started doing that early in the painting of figures and they seem to be drawn a whole lot better now that i'm doing that. soooo glad i saw that little 7 minute youtube video. too me, it was every bit as useful as a daylong workshop or class. the internet is a great learning tool. we live in a great time in history!

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