Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Morehead City from Radio Island-12x16-$400

contact me if you'd like to purchase this one
its unframed and i'll ship it free!
This is the one i did yesterday just as the sun was beginning to set on morehead city. the warm orange-ish rails were a nice complement to the blues and purples of the water, bridge, and port buildings.
i heard that in a day or two the days will start getting longer every day, instead of shorter, like it has been doing. A reason to celebrate!


Douglas Hoover said...

Mike, I bet you knew that this one would get my attention. The almost abstract composition and the blues and oranges... That speaks to me.

Have a wonderful Christmas, Mike & a prosperous New Year!

mike rooney studios said...

we do both love that orange/blue color harmony dont we? the color of water and its complement, i guess?
you have a great holiday season and a fantastic '10!