Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shallow Waters-10x8

i did this one while on Bald Head a few months ago. i had gotten to the ferry and had about an hour to wait so i set up really quick and painted this one. but you wouldnt recognize it if i showed it to you. what it looks like now looks nothing like it did, when i first did it.

i've had it that long just staring at me from across the studio for months. it had two large trees on the left AND the right. something about that bothered me but i couldnt put my finger on it.

today i was going thru some reference photos i took in cape cod and found a shot i had taken of a sailboat and distant marsh and it hit me. get rid of the tree on the right to open up the view and add a sailboat. as i was painting out the tree on the right i had made a small bush and i thought STOP, leave it a bush.

added the sailboat, changed the background to simplify it and BAM, i started loving the thing.

painting everyday teaches you something everyday. todays lesson..... dont be so quick to gesso over one of your flub ups, and take lots of reference photos to spark ideas to save em!

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