Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Family Farm-18x24

$575 unframed
i'm in wayne county the rest of this week for the holidays, so i was riding around looking for something to paint today. it was near fifty and the light was magnificent. so i'm out cruising around and saw these silo's way off the road. i drove over there and knew i had found painting paydirt!

Lucky me... i called and got permission from the owner of this big farm to paint on his property. it has sheds, silo's, farm equipment, wide open fields, old country houses in sight, and chicken houses. i love the place AND have his blessing to paint there anytime i want. if youre a plein air painter you know what a trifecta that is... permission, not way out in the boonies somewhere, and you love painting the stuff there! it doesnt get any better than that! thanks mr. daw.

so i'm out there painting and paul rolls up to check out what i'm doing. he says "what you painting?"

i show him the above painting and he says without skipping a beat, "you painted my chicken houses and that old shed? Man, you'll paint anything!"

yes paul, i will indeed paint anything!


francesca said...

Hi MR A Peaceful and success-full new year to you! Love this painting......the variations in middle ground grasses sooooooo neat! Can tell you love what you do. francesca

mike rooney studios said...

francesca- thanks for the wellwishing. about the grasses.... i've been wanting to put just a little extra into some shapes without losing the spontaniety you get painting plein air on the bigger paintings. thanks for noticing!
have a happy holiday season