Monday, December 21, 2009

On the Line-6x6-SOLD


i get warm all over looking at this one!

i did get outside and paint today. seems that the near miss of the blizzard swept the atmosphere clean of all the bad mojo weather of the last several weeks. the one i did was a 12x16 and will require a little tweaking as it was done in the afternoon of the shortest day of the year, so the light and color was changing every five minutes.

i've been in a bit of a meditative mood lately (me and every other human this close to New Years right?) and have been surveying what has happened (good and bad) this past year and what i have in mind for the new one. its been a great year professionally. if you look thru this blog i've painted a painting and posted it everyday. take into consideration that some for one reason or another didnt get posted and its probably one every day! that, keeping a dozen galleries happy, and traveling up and down the east coast painting doesnt leave time for much else.

problem is... that sort of workaholic behavior takes its toll. i've been like a hermit, painting either on the road, or holed up alone in my studio for days, weeks on end. my social life was one of the victims of a very very busy and manic schedule. so i've been thinking....

one thing i know will help is to in 2010 to start keeping some regular working hours (more than now anyway!). start taking some weekends off too, and getting paid at least what my mechanic makes when he's working on my truck. the way i see it ... there are a whole lot more people in this world who can work on a toyota than there are people that can paint a painting. so why should artists all be starving. i know it may seem romantic in a sense, but not practical. just ask my bride! LOL

charging a fair price for what i do will mean i can slow down the pace, do better work that will bring a more deserved higher price. a win-win.

now to make all this more than another failed new years resolution.

hope we can all make some new years resolutions that will improve our lives, and more importantly, that we can keep them.

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