Sunday, February 10, 2008

Date with a Match- 6x8- oil on c.b.


This is a house in the boonies of Onslow county built around the turn of the century. i loved the backlit lighting effect with most of the house in shadow. someone came out while i was painting and gave me the history. she said the family had decided to burn it in the spring. the volunteer fire dept. will train by torching it. i once painted a barn i liked to rest near on my trip to greenville when i was sign painting. a week after painting it the owners knocked it down with a bulldozer and then they burned it one night. that painting had special sentimental value because i knew it no longer exists. and after painting plein air for several years now i can say that about a half dozen things i painted and are now gone. i guess because i like to paint things right on the edge of extinction for some reason. someone old appreciating something else thats old *)
think of the events in history the family living in this house experienced. pearl harbor, wwI, the roaring 20's, the invention of the automobile and planes. Wow... its mind boggling.


aaronlifferth said...

I like the new work. keep it going.

mike rooney studios said...


thanks man. i appreciate it. i have always considered myself a plein air painter and really enjoy the ones i do on site. i hope that passion translates to the piece. loved the chunky square brushwork on those round cups on yours from thursday. are you interested on linking me on your blog and i'll do the same for you. increase ea. others blog traffic?let me know.