Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Packing for Key West

Pleasant Day- 9x12-0il on c.b.
contact me if you like this one
$240 unframed

Getting ready for the Key West trip today and finishing off a couple of errands today. i'm super distracted so didnt feel motivated to do a painting today so i posted this one from last summer. want to have everything i need in florida so made lists and checked em twice. this is not painting related but anyone who sells art for a living knows that theres a lot more to the biz than just painting all day. i spent half a day unpacking four boxes of frames taking off all the packing stuff, storing that packing stuff, and delivering paintings to a couple of galleries before i leave.
TIP- save that packing stuff. it costs the frame distributor tons of money and it makes carrying your work around without beating it all to *&*(&(*. they ship every frame with heavy duty boxes good for hauling lots of paintings around. cut up the cardboard and stick it in between your frames when your storing art in frames in your studio etc. . the big plastic bags make good trash bags for small trash cans like the ones i have in my studio. i dont throw away anything without seeing if it has another life serving some other purpose. i'm not a recycling nut. just a cheapskate. i even reuse the used painted up paper towels i bring back to the studio out of the plein air field. they are great for wiping paint off my palette in the studio without having to waste good paper towels, which i use to wipe the paint out of my brush with. is that crazy or what. the dried up paint in the paper towel is just the right hardness to pick up dirty paint film on the glass of my palette.
thats being frugal isnt it? Oh well they say when the birds fly over my studio they say "cheap, cheap!"


paintingsbyb.price said...

Try to have fun down there in the keys. My rule of thumb is 6 beers per painting, done.

mike rooney studios said...

i've been a tee-totaller for years now, but i absolutely love red bull. so i will buy a case and carry it to florida with me.
i'm thinking that key west will be sooo different than what i've been painting that i may feel a little out of my element until i learn the light, vegetation, water color etc. i'm looking forward to this discovery period and feel like it'll recharge my painting in general. keep up with the blogadventures, i hope to blog everyday.

paintingsbyb.price said...

when you get there, go down to Mallory Square the sunset celeabration, it happens every night. Its a trip to see all the street preformers and arts. It last about 2 hours everyday for the sunset. Worldwide tourist spot.
Awesome place to paint a sunset.