Monday, February 25, 2008

Persimmon Abstract- 6x8- oil on c.b.

Contact me if you like this one.

i'm getting more and more confident with these little paintings. put it down and leave it. its so hard to do. you want to stroke over it and stroke over it. that dulls the colors, keeps it from looking bravely done. i have to do a hundred of these still lifes, imagine what the hundreth one would look like compared to the first one i ever did on this blog. gotta get em in before the spring gets here and i want to paint outside all day.

getting ready to go to key west to paint and cannot wait. 85 degree days, flipflops, shorts, and painting turquoise water wooohoooo! i'll post down there (hopefully) everyday too.


paintingsbyb.price said...

hey mike, like those chips! quick ?,when painting still lifes of all these random things i notice all these artist have these great backgrond/backdrop colors, I don't have all these cute colored pokadotted linens that they have, are you just going with what feels right with complemtary colors or a shade lighter? I feel like I'm guessing alot.

mike rooney studios said...

i use sheets of colored paper and i seem to either go with one of the two being either the compliment of the subject or something close on the color wheel. kinda like... if its orange i use something yellow, pink (close to red) red or green/blue, turquoise, ochre. see how theyre all harmonious. you'll get favorites that you like with certain things, but for sure shake it up and dont fall into a pattern if you can help it. i think the funs in the experimenting. hope that helps. loving your new still life stuff. when you going to do some restaurant stuff again. check out Robin Cheers (google her) and look at her restaurant/waiter/bar stuff. its so loose and fun like yours. take care

paintingsbyb.price said...

resturant coming later.right now I like painting things that are out of my comfort zone like people in natural light on the beach. holding back on color is hard for me. ive been enjoying gray colors a lot} its amazing were the brain goes to get info.