Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Three Plus One-6x6-$100

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Capt. Charlie's in Lavender-24x24

this one's from the study i did while artist-in-residence on Bald Head Island a few weeks ago. playing bigger gives you a chance to get more discriptive with the shapes the smaller plein air format doesnt allow you time or room for. wow... i'm starting to like painting bigger. this year everybody was telling me "paint bigger, paint bigger", so i think 2010 will be the year of big paintings for me now that i'm not scared of them like i used to be.
have a happy thanksgiving and enjoy time with your friends and family. i know after weeks alone in the studio, i will.
for the people who come by here regularly to see my work, and those that are supportive with wonderful comments, i'm thankful for you! its nice to know that somebody wants to see it.


Tracy Bell said...

Glad you are thinking big! Love the lavender shadows.
happy thanks-

mike rooney studios said...

you too, T. !

Don Gray said...

Nice one, Mike...great color!

mike rooney studios said...

don- appreciate that! i love to see lots of lavender in shadows anyway and this early morning i didnt have to look too hard. that with some sun on the dune and beach bushes, there was nice color everywhere. thanks again

Becky Joy said...

Very nice composition. I like your use of light.

mike rooney studios said...

becky- appreciate the nice words. painting sunlite is heaven on earth! i did another large one from that capt charlie's painting. i'll post soon. thanks again